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The shearing records show that the average yield for was seven pounds per head and for was six pounds per head. The cause of this decrease is attributed to the hard winter offrom which 25 percent of all sheep in the county were lost, and to the poor condition of those surviving. The feed dried up early, and they came off the range in poor condition. The shearing count, which is very nearly correct, shows a total ofsheep sheared forandin

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I later moved over into Cottonwood Meadows at the head of Cottonwood Creek and remained there for a month or more. Nor was there a pasture fence and that meant many hours looking for strayed horses. Later we had camps on down the river towards Paisley. One can readily imagine what an immense amount of work is required each year to post and re-post those lines, much of which will be curtailed with the advent of the new metal boundary notice.

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For further details, see Bach s,and This road begins at the crossing of Long Creek in Section 4, Twp. It is probable that within another year the situation will become so acute as to demand some remedial measure or financial disaster will result.

My main job that summer phons to ride each day to the top of Drake Peak and look for fires. Most of the barbed wire lay flat on the ground where it had been pulled away from the posts by the weight of winter snows.

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Biological Survey handle the coyote situation in Modoc County, California. Nor could we know that many more years would pass before the Fremont administration could overcome the organized resistance of cattle permittees to adoption of sensible range practices. Best cooperage material was chaf wood from sugar pine Pinus lambertiana. It must have been more than thirty years before this road was constructed.

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When the work is completed the barn will contain room for eight tons of hay, as well as stable quarters for at least four horses. From there, it went west to Phhone and followed Cottonwood to Mesman Creek. Experimental work in showed that the carrying capacity of the badly infested areas was easily reduced 50 percent by the workings of these rodents.

There was no uniform allowance but we were nattily outfitted so we thought in khaki-colored shirt and trousers, green tie, stiff-brimmed Stets, and laced boots with trousers tucked inside. I did form one rather refreshing friendship with Jere Egan who had a band of sheep in that area.

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Except for the time Combs was with me, the summer at Bull Prairie was lonely and dull. The Fremont is distinctly outside the natural range of this species, yet a few fine trees could be found scatteringly in the Thomas Creek and Augur Creek areas. The shearing count, which is very nearly correct, shows a total ofsheep sheared forandin Will J. They operated a sawmill in France in The line is to be constructed by ranger and guard labor. Summer During the summer I counted sheep and posted sheep allotment boundaries in the general area of Gearhart Mountain and Coleman Rim.

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A crew of about fifteen men is also employed at present on the first section seventeen miles of the Forest Wagon Road, which otegon completed will permit travel by auto through the forest from Lakeview to Silver Lake. The cause of this decrease is attributed to the hard winter offrom which 25 percent of all sheep in the county were lost, and to the poor condition of those surviving.

Bach calls it the "10th" Engineers but probably means the "20th" in accordance with other references. This type of fence didn't seem to take well on the Fremont although it was used extensively in the Blue Mountains of eastern Oregon. The cattle men feel that without government control, their business cannot long endure and the sheepmen see in the keen competition, which in a constant increase in rental charges for leases, that a situation will soon develop which will make grazing too costly to be profitable.

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Those who knew Jay Billings will always think of him as an "unforgettable character. Since there were very few forest ro on which an automobile could travel, it was used mostly for traveling between Lakeview, Silver Lake, and Bly.

Instead it is the initial of a District 6 publication deed to bring all units and members of District 6 into close association and better understanding of what is being done. Next day about midafternoon we reached Ingram Station but were not sure of our location until late evening. Came out in the fall, and the extension of the telephone line from Thomas Creek was started under Ranger Bradley.

Photo dated or Accordingly, the cattle oregkn been forced on other ranges and the owners have been besieging Fremont forest officials for grazing privileges or increases, in the event they already held permits. The "Six" comes from the of our district, and the "Twenty-Six" from our of supervisor's offices and also from a well-known form deed to show what the individual worker has done. The roadbed had not been completed at that time, but was completed several phoen later with regular passenger and freight service established.

The regiment will be comprised of foresters, logging engineers, experienced woodsmen, loggers, and men of similar experience and training.

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Dave Elder was the big sheepman of the time and ran some 25, head in various bands. Grazing report, Salting A considerable quantity of salt from the marshes in Warner Valley, phonee of Plush, is now being "freighted" into town and stored in the Bailey Massingill warehouse.

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The feed dried up early, and they came off the range in poor condition. All our camps were dry and water was hauled up to 21 miles, from a drilled well and water holes. When the salting rules are established the Forest Service is in a position to enforce payment. Meteorological Ass't. nine wire was ooregon in the construction of this line.

Repairing the pasture fence at Ingram Station turned out to be quite a formidable task. A rather difficult situation exits in this vicinity due to the large amount of privately owned timber lands both within and outside the forest which have been leased at what seems like prohibitive rental prices.

It followed out to the end of Slash and then turned north to the Hammersly place. It binds the members of each association closely together, particularly when all are required to pay to the secretary of the association their prorata share of salting. He had a considerable area of grazing land west of Horsefly.

The building is made of logs, with shingled roof, and is 17' wide and 22' long.