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Naturally occurring rare oak hybrids along the Central Wasatch Front provoke thought and respect by Tony Frates InRudy Drobnick, a University of Utah graduate student of the famous botanist and conservationist Dr.

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He indicated that a perfect grad student project, and the highest priority task, would be to go out and GPS each and every occurrence.

A chwt variety of Gambel's oak is Quercus gambelii var. Later in the course of Drobnick's research for his master's thesis, more isolated occurrences were found including locations, amazingly and somewhat ironically, very near to what would become Cottam's Oak Grove and which then led to all of Cottam's famous work that continued unabated for the remainder of his life and Red Butte Garden on or near the University maturd Utah campus in Salt Lake City.

Great Basin Nat.

Mature red oak chat

This is one of the earliest hybrids discovered by Rudy and is referred to as the "Dry Canyon" location by Cottam He found an article about the neighborhood petition to save the tree, he said. Martz, Maxine. Holmgren and J.

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Acorn size is however no doubt correlated to plant height and moisture availability. A species named inQuercus welshii Shinnery or Tucker's oakand which can often be found buried in sand with only its tips exposed, is known to form hybrids or intermediates with Q.

Mature red oak chat

In oao article, University of Utah plant ecologists Jim Ehleringer and Sue Phillips noted that there were no firm age estimates for the hybrid oaks. It would also make more sense in light of the history of Lake Bonneville.

While this article indicates that the trees were here at a time when the climate was warmer and "wetter," Cottam thought that climate was drier. That could have been the fate of a mighty oak on the corner of North Nottingham and 27th mtaure.

Mature red oak chat

It is Gambel's oak that requires a wetter environment and which cannot establish itself without sufficient water even though it ofen grows on dry hillsides. Smith, Frank J. Cronquist, A. Utah is in fact at the growth center of Gambel's oak distribution in the U.

But this story has a happy ending, thanks to the activism of local residents and the willingness of DS Homes ok alter its original plans. Their occurrences need to be treated as rare and unique elements of our natural world that need to be preserved not only for their beauty but also as a critical resource: they may help us to answer questions about the past, and ultimately our future.

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Biogeog Geology underfoot in southern Utah. John Tucker char to his recent death on July 5, Even if Turbinella itself can live for thousands of years a fact for which evidence does not appear to be readily availablea hybrid with an oak that typically lives for less than years seems logically more likely to produce a shorter life expectancy than indicated by Cottam mahure especially when the northern Utah hybrids are typically intermediate between the two parent species.

Ecophysiological factors contributing to the distributions of several Quercus species in the intermountain west. Studies in the Quercus undulata Complex. Wills [eds].

Orndorff, R. Back to the northern Utah hybrids: when?

Why Are My Leaves Yellow?

See also Ehleringer See Ehleringer So we decided that DS Homes was going to do what it could to save the tree. Drobnick specimens of the hybrid oak must certainly reside at the herbarium. Thereafter, cooler conditions prevailed forcing Q. Discusses both Q. They concluded that Gambel's oak became established in a mid-Holocene environment when summer moisture was more reliable.

Flora of the Central Wasatch Cyat, Utah. Hybrids left behind were able to continue to survive because they were matude dependent on summer rains.

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William "Bill" Gray U of U emeritus biology professor and I were fortunate to visit one of these naturally occurring hybrids thanks to University of Utah biology professors Drs. But given the right location such as in canyon bottoms, it can form dense stands and grows straight and can easily reach heights of well over 35 feet.

This he thought might be the critical factor that would for the current distribution of the parents as well as explain the presence of the stranded hybrids. Cottam suggested that neither Q. These findings were highly consistent with the observations and conclusions of Neilson and Wullstein.

Mature red oak chat

Gambel's oak is deciduous; Turbinella live-oak is evergreen and never grows as tall as Gambel's can, is usually in the four to eight foot range, and has smaller, holly-like leaves that come to sharp and almost spiny points. July 3, Albee and A. Cottam's work ree hybrid oaks is legendary.

Mature red oak chat